Comforting Those Who Mourn




Virtual Memorial Wall A-D

Memorials A-D


Zander Jordan Bates (6/2/2019 – 1/5/2020)

Whenever I think of you, I remember you watching the sun dance through the tree branches above you. If you were ever crying, the instant cure was to take you under that tree and you’d stare at those rays. I think you and Granna were meant to be together forever. I like to think she sat by you as we all said goodbye, and then she picked you up to take you with her. My hope now is you are the sun rays I see in the branches. I hope that Granna and you get to walk on the other side of the clouds, and I hope you see us missing you here below.


Cora Elizabeth Bunch (5/26/2016 – 5/26/2016)

I picked some wildflowers And wove them into a wreath I placed them on my door for the little girl I didn’t get to keep my hands are full of sorrow my heart strings torn for my little girl who was silent on the day she was born. You may criticize me For loving one so deeply who never once spoke But dear reader empathize with me for the greatest loss in life is Hope. Hope of what she would’ve been some day when she was fully grown. Hope to see her one day have children of her own. To have that knowing moment that mother and daughter share when my daughter is now the mother And there’s silver in my hair. They say the bond between a mother and daughter is strong and sweet. Just like the weave of wildflowers For the little girl I didn’t get to keep. – Wildflowers By Sarah Bunch


Braden Alec Carson (8/3/1999 – 8/3/1999)

Our Sweet Braden,

You tiptoed in and out of our lives but left us changed forever. Your life is a gift we never take for granted. You are forever in our hearts and a part of our family. We look forward to seeing you again in Heaven.
All our love,
Daddy, Mommy, Ancel & Hope


Liam Andrew Cleveland (11/13/2020 – 12/22/2020)

Liam, a butterfly baby, born with JEB had a short and complicated life here on earth. He was loved beyond measure and is a missing piece to his family. He is thought of, missed and loved every day.


Frank Rowan D’Antonio (2/23/2023 – 2/23/2023)

Sweet little baby boy you could not stay, but we will meet another day.  Our hearts did break, our tears did flow, we love you precios Frank forevermore.


Baby Dean (2/18/2017 – 2/18/2017)

We didn’t get to hold you physically but you left a hole in our heart we love you. Love mommy and daddy