Comforting Those Who Mourn



TYLER, Texas (KLTV) – In October, many across the nation come together to bring awareness to parents who have lost a baby either through pregnancy or soon right after.

Birth defects and maternal complications are some of the leading factors related to infant deaths in Texas. The latest data from the CDC shows five deaths for every thousand births.

“They may had a couple of hours with their child, they may had a couple of days,” said Eloise Ghrist the Executive Director of The Children’s Park of Tyler.

The names of more than 800 East Texas children are forever remembered at the Children’s Park of Tyler. Here families can remember and celebrate these precious lives it’s also a place to find support through the grieving process.

“There’s something so sweet of doing in a community setting, where everyone understands and our stories may not be the same but we understand the journey since then,” said Eloise.

She leads one of their grief groups. Pain and sadness are uncomfortable feelings but she says embracing it can be an important step in the journey toward healing.

“When I shared about our miscarriages all of these people came from the woodworks, that I had no idea that suffered a loss… and that was huge just to know I was not alone,” said Eloise

She understands it can be easy to distract yourself but not dealing with emotions can lead to health issues and even feelings of anger.

“When you acknowledge those emotions and you welcome them as uncomfortable as that is you are just able to move forward in a healthy way,’ said Eloise.

The Children’s Park of Tyler offers support structures for many situations: from glory babies pregnancy & infant loss, abortion recovery, the common ground support group, to rainbow babies. All teaching families it’s possible to smile through loss.

“I love it when someone mentions Jack and Joy are two losses that doesn’t happen very often.. that’s what’s so great about our groups we all remember our children’s names… that’s because we talk about them.”

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