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The Children’s Park is a special place to remember and celebrate the lives of all children. With over 800 children’s names engraved along the sidewalks, it is particularly meaningful for families who have lost a child. It’s also a wonderful place for families to connect with their living children. Opportunities abound to explore and discover the gift of natural play.

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More Than a Park


The Children’s Park of Tyler is much more than a beautiful park in the heart of our city. We provide bereavement care to families. We have grown to provide a range of ongoing events, services, and support groups—whatever is needed—to support families and individuals at any stage in the journey of grief. No matter where you find yourself in this moment, our goal for every person is learning to live well through grief.

Alison’s House


With a sweeping view of the park, Alison’s House is one of the latest additions to our campus. It provides a tranquil setting for our Support Groups to meet together throughout the week. It also serves as the administrative center for The Children’s Park. Alison’s House is named in honor of Brenda and C.C. Baker Jr.’s daughter, Alison, who brought joy to everyone who encountered her gentle, childlike spirit.

Campus Alison's House