Comforting Those Who Mourn



The park reported that almost $1,000 worth of equipment was stolen, leaving several of their Christmas light displays powered off.

TYLER, Texas — The new year is supposed to be a time of fresh starts, but for a Tyler nonprofit it was the start of a nightmare when thieves struck before and after Christmas Day.

The Children’s Park of Tyler offers grief services for families that have lost a child. Officials with the park said someone stole almost $1,000 worth of equipment from their holiday display.

“It’s heartbreaking and for somebody to be in such a position that they feel like they have to do that, our heart breaks for them,” said Eloise Ghrist, executive director of the park.

Officials said they are the first ones to put up Christmas lights in Tyler and the last ones to take them down.

“We want to bring joy and just look at how we’re here to love and support them and even if it’s through Christmas lights,” Ghrist said.

But this year the park said the decorations will be taken down early because someone stole most of the light timers and several electrical extension cords in the span of two visits.

The park reported the theft to the Tyler Police Department.

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