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Frequently Asked Questions

Where is the playground equipment?


We believe the “play” is in the child, not the equipment. Given the opportunity, children use their imaginations to explore and discover new and exciting things. It’s called the Art of Natural Play and it is encouraged at The Children’s Park! Children are welcome to climb the waterfalls, sit on the bear’s head, or paddle through the stream. Connecting with nature is a wonderful way to get in touch with our senses.


What are the names along the sidewalk?


The Children’s Park celebrates the lives of all children. It is a particularly meaningful place for families who have lost children. The names along the sidewalks are of children living and children who have died. It is about celebrating, even when their lives are cut short.


What is expected of me if I attend a support group?


We believe that no one should grieve alone. Participating in a support group lets you know you’re not alone and encourages you along your journey. Our support groups provide a safe place to be wherever you are in your grief. No expectations. No judgements. You can share as much or as little as you are comfortable. We simply want to walk with you. You are given the opportunity to share your story with the group.


Which support group is for me?


We have a variety of support groups here.

Do you provide childcare during support group meetings?


We do not provide childcare.