Comforting Those Who Mourn



TYLER, Texas (KLTV) – It’s been a place in the Tyler community to honor and celebrate children. Some call it a sanctuary. But just this month, a few days before and a few days after Christmas, the light display that the Children’s Park of Tyler puts on was tampered with.

The Children’s Park of Tyler puts a display of Christmas lights that turn on November 1 and usually stay on until the start of February. Eloise Ghrist is the Executive Director of Children’s Park of Tyler and she said two days before Christmas she was notified that one of their ten timers was broken and specialty extension cords were taken.

“We replaced all of that and then a few days after Christmas, all of the timers but one, and I think all of the electrical extension cords were also taken,” she said.

So now the park has a few lights on but not nearly what they had originally put up. The majority of trees look bare. The company who put the lights up has contacted the police and are working with them.

“They approximated it was about a little less than a thousand dollars worth of stuff stolen,” she said.

Ghrist says it’s heartbreaking.

“People love this place, it provides so much peace and comfort and solace, and we want to keep it a safe place,” Ghrist said. “We don’t want people to become fearful of coming here because it is such a sacred, sacred sanctuary.”

This has now caused them to rethink security at the park.

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